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All local fire codes require building owners to maintain and test fire alarm monitoring systems. This must be performed by a certified fire alarm service technician. A-Z Fire Alarm Security offers service programs for periodic inspection, testing, and maintenance, followed by complete detailed reports to ensure the risk management of your asset is informed.


Your fire alarm is a crucial part of your building’s life safety equipment and your first defense against fires. Fire alarm inspection and testing are two of the most important things you can do to keep your fire alarm operational at all times and help save lives. 


Our expert fire alarm inspection technicians’ number one goal is to make sure your fire alarm is fully functional so it will perform properly when needed in an emergency or to notify you of faulty devices in your building. We provide fire alarm inspection for all fire alarm brands.

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Maintenance Services


Trust your building’s maintenance to our team of experts. We offer comprehensive, single-source service capabilities that will ensure your fire protection and sprinkler systems are in proper working condition and in full compliance with provincial and national fire codes. Routine fire protection maintenance is essential for you to be confident that your system will function when it is needed. We offer repair service, detector and battery maintenance. Should you need an emergency repair, A-Z is available 24/7.